Patient Acquisition Marketing Expert for Healthcare Professionals & Facilities. Angel Investor & Mentor of Startups.

After spending his first 19 years working at senior positions with several firms, Ajay decided to become his own boss. He now owns four profitable businesses and is investor in several startups in different stages.

Ajay firmly believes that increasing patient satisfaction, stellar online reviews and robust internet presence are the three pillars of a thriving healthcare business. He refuses to accept a marketing client unless they also agree with the three pillars philosophy.

Ajay’s started GMR Web Team as a digital marketing agency focused on helping small businesses maximize revenue. Since 60% of GMR Web Team clients are healthcare providers that witnessed great results by applying the three pillars approach to their business, the company decided in late 2017 to completely re-position itself as a healthcare patient acquisition digital marketing agency.

Ajay created a process to track and monitor patient satisfaction, and obtain positive reviews for his clients in 2011. In June, 2016, RepuGen, an automated version of that process was launched. RepuGen helps healthcare businesses bring consistency between their actual patient satisfaction and reviews across the web.

He launched GMR Transcription Services in 2005 after identifying the need for transcription services with transparent pricing. This business is now an established leader in its space and is currently managed by a team of 4 corporate employees and about 250 independent transcribers all over the US. GMR Transcription is a 7-figure company that generates work-from-home opportunities for transcribers throughout USA.

He has written inspiring books like “Local Search Marketing Secrets Unveiled” and “Plant Your Online Biz Money Tree.”

Ajay has several other businesses in different stages of growth. He is always looking for good investment opportunities. If you would like to collaborate, feel free to reach out:”