Head Of Sales: US West Region at DHL Global Forwarding

Amit Rajnekar is Head of West Region Sales for DHL Global Forwarding. He has been with the organization for over 10 years. In his previous role Amit was responsible for DHL’s Asia Pacific Trade Lane Management program that involved creating and implementing growth strategies to support expansion of DHL’s market footprint and retain DHL’s leadership position on the US-Asia Pacific trade where the India-US trade is one of the key growth levers.
Amit’s additional responsibilities include Sales training & development for DHL’s award winning program, and has been conducting internal sales training programs for over 5 years.

He received his Bachelors in Commerce and Economics from Mumbai University where he also received his Masters in Management Studies. With over 19 years in the Logistics Industry, both in India and the USA, Amit has worked with various shipping & logistics firms. He came to the USA in 2003 and since worked in the cities of New York, Charleston, Chicago, and is based in Los Angeles since 2006. Amit and his family (wife and 2 teenage children) reside in the city of Cerritos.

1. Regional Trade Lane Head-Asia Pacific
2. Responsible for Business Strategy and Overall Budget achievement across all products on the US-Asia Pacific Trade Lane
3. Managing team of 7 professional Trade Lane Managers
4. Master Trainer and Functional Domain Lead for DHL’s IT Transformation
5. US Trainer- Quest for Sales Excellence: DGF’s award winning sales training program