Smita Bagla

TiE SoCal President 2018 and 2019,

CEO, Aligned Strategies (Alignstra),



Anshuman Sinha

Executive Director ’19, President Elect for 2020

CEO at Optizm Global


Ashish Saboo

TieCon Chair & Membership Director,

CEO at Tech-Synergy

Ramesh Patel

TiEcon 2019 CPA


Ashish Modh

TiEcon 2019 Accountant


Shankar Ram

TiEcon 2019 Sponsorship Chair


Anil Ramineni

TiEcon 2019 Advertising & Brochure Chair,

TiE SoCal Charter Member Chair




Nita Singh

Tiecon 2019 Hospitality Chair,




Nitin Bajaj

TiEcon 2019 Sponsorship Leader,

TiEcon 2019 Media Presence Leader


Anand Mahale

TiEcon 2019 Sponsorship Leader,

TiEcon 2019 Membership Chair


Pawan Gupta

TiEcon 2019 Logistics Chair


Brian Frankel

TiEcon 2019 Marketing Chair


Chris Nezu

TiEcon 2019 Marketing Leader


Navneet Chugh

Managing Partner The Chugh Firm

Bharat Saoji

TiEcon 2019 Sponsorship Co-Chair



Ravi Sharma

Tiecon 2019 Investor Summit Lead,

Tiecon 2019 Tie 10 Lead



Pankaj Dayal

TiEcon 2019 Volunteer Chair



Kewal Kanda

TiEcon 2019 News Media Outreach Leader


Vishal Arora

Track Chair TiE Angels/Investments

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