David Warhol is the founder of Realtime Associates, Inc., one of the longest-established independent game production studios in operation today. Founded in 1988, Realtime Associates has released over 100 consumer products on game platforms ranging from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to current generation game consoles, PCs, web-deployed gaming, mobile and tablet devices. Realtime specializes in the development of ESRB EC, E, E10+, and T-rated software, as well as “Serious Games”, non-retail games that entertain while serving another purpose.

Mr. Warhol is currently developing TheatriX, a location-based 360 degree 3D interactive entertainment platform. In TheatriX, a group of participants are immersed in and interact with digital environments, complete with life-sized digital characters and interactive objects, much like the current generation of location-based VR attractions, but without the need for wearing heavy equipment. And, in TheatriX, participants remain in full view of each other, creating a highly social entertainment dynamic.