Dr. Pradeep Khosla was selected and confirmed as the eighth Chancellor of UC San Diego in May 2012. He assumed the position of Chancellor in August 2012. As Chancellor he serves as the CEO of the campus of 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 20,000 faculty and staff members, and a $3.5B annual budget.

From August 1982 to August 2012, Dr. Khosla was at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where he received his MS and PhD degrees. He joined the faculty in 1986 as Assistant Professor and rose through the ranks to the position of Philip and Marsha Dowd University Professor. He also served in several administrative and leadership roles including as the founding director of two world class Institutes — Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES), and CyLab. In addition he served as the department head of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1999-2004), Director of the Information Networking Institute, and Dean of the College of Engineering (2004-2012). During his tenure as department head the Computer Engineering program was ranked #1, and as Dean he lead the college of engineering which improved its national rankings from #11 (in 2004) to #5 (in 2012).

Pradeep is a consultant to several companies and Venture Capitalists and has served on the technology advisory boards of many start-ups He has served as member of the Strategy Review Board for Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan; Council of Deans of the Aeronautics Advisory Committtee, NASA; and Senior Advisory Group, DARPA Program on Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems. He is a co-founder of Quantapoint Inc., and BiometriCore Inc.

Specialties: My research experience includes Intelligent Systems, Embedded systems/Software, Cybersecurity, Composable Software, Design and Systems Engineering. In addition, I also serve on advisory boards and boards of Directors of startups and VC funds, and am the co-founder of two companies — Quantapoint Inc., and Biometricore Inc..