VP, Information Security PIMCO

Establish strategic direction and oversee day to day execution of operational information security initiatives.

Articulate priorities and taking a phased, efficient, and intentional approach to maturing the information security program to a level appropriate for the organization.

Manage Information Security engineering, architecture, and operations team.

Relationship lead for multiple security managed service provider (MSSP) programs related to work around Identity & Access Management (IAM), Vulnerability Management (VM), and Security Operations Center (SOC).

Lead the Information Security technology selection, procurement, integration, and operationalization including but not limited to; next-generation anti-virus (NGAV), privileged access management (PAM), identity and access management (IAM), vulnerability management (VM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), micro-segmentation, browser isolation, network access control (NAC), and cloud security.

Design, develop, and regularly review cybersecurity policies and standards ensuring those documents accurately reflect and address current cybersecurity risks and trends.

Work closely with business and technology leads on solving problems with practical but effective solutions including managing all aspects of the project life cycle.

Subject matter expert in cyber threat intelligence, reverse engineering, proactive defense, data analytics, forensics, and centralized monitoring.