Michelle, the founder of Ranavat Botanics, is not a professional formulator and has never worked in the beauty industry. But she has an undeniable passion for botanical ingredients, a background in quality as an engineer and a love for sharing ancient family traditions. The ingredients for Ranavat Botanics come from India, and the products are packaged in the U.S.

When Ranavat faces one of the many challenges that come from being an entrepreneur, such as balancing the many demands of the job and making products relatable, she always goes back to the Land of Kings image that inspired her company from the beginning. “The kings and queens of India weren’t elitists. They cared about their community and wanted to make sure their kingdom was thriving,” Ranavat said.

“It’s not just about the product; it’s about the experience and creating something bigger that we’re all a part of,” she added.