Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

CEO, International Executive Consultant, Transformational Business and Life Mentor, Corporate Leadership and Teamwork Trainer, Keynote Speaker & International Best Selling Author.

Natalie, America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance, is the Founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational training for individuals and corporations across the globe. Natalie engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to identify consistencies for their success. Her engaging methods and techniques address Human Capital, Leadership, Diversity, and Change Management in business and personal situations leading to increased productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress.

Leadership and Teamwork are essential areas of Dr. Natalie’s expertise as she highlights the Power of Patterns and takes this to the next level via an exploration of the need for real cross-cultural communication through embracing the 3Rs to increase performance and profitability.

On a personal, transformational journey, Natalie assists you in re-connecting with YOU and understanding your Purpose, embracing your Potential, and achieving your Dreams. Through the unique process “The Hidden Power of Patterns” she has enabled thousands of people to create their mission in life and create the life they desire.

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Natalie’s passion for positive progress in the world is self-evident in her leading role as Executive Director for The Women Of Global Change, a premier social impact organization working on positive change across the globe for years.

Since November 2017, she is the proud recipient of the 2016 President Barack Obama Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award.