On Camera Improv for Business & Entertainment Professionals

On Camera Improv. for Business & Entertainment Professionals Improv training has become an essential tool for better communication and business development. It’s not just applied in acting and entertainment but also in major corporate trainings. It’s the most effective training for teamwork. It’ll help managers and executives communicate effectively with internal and external clients. Training overview:

  • Part working set and part class, the workshop will mimic the actual entertainment and business environment.
  • All the participants will perform Warm-up group exercises.
  • The workshop does not consist of lengthy lectures, just a few techniques will be discussed and the participants will jump right ahead into performing scenes on camera.
  • Coach will guide participants to effectively interact with the scene partners to establish the relationships and proper communication.
  • Once everybody has had their go, the class sits together, and we all watch the tapes.
  • Shuja will provide feedback and discuss the opportunities in Hollywood.
  • Then the rest of the class might give some supportive feedback.
  • Every participant will be provided copies of the videos of their scenes.

All participants work at least twice on camera, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere with other participants who really want you to succeed. In our class Workouts, you’ll exercise the skills you’ll bring to the set – which builds your talent, which makes you a better communicator.

Time – 02:00 pm – 03:00 pm

Location – Cypress


Shuja Paul

Global media and business development leader focused on innovation and creativity

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Sonia Bhalla

DGA DIRECTOR / WRITER. Sonia is an American born, Philadelphia raised, South Asian director in the Directors Guild of America.

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