Sonia is an American born, Philadelphia raised, South Asian director in the Directors Guild of America. A leader with vision, Sonia is a winner of the ABC/DISNEY Television Directing fellowship and recently directed episode 213 of COOP & CAMI ASK THE WORLD for the Disney Channel, while her feature film directorial debut MODERN LOVE is in talks at the studio level.

Sonia worked her way up the Guild ranks honing her craft alongside Academy Award winning and nominated Directors including: M. Night Shyamalan (THE SIXTH SENSE) Ron Howard (THE GRINCH) and Jason Reitman (UP IN THE AIR). In television she was the 1st Assistant Director for Emmy nominated Directors Joe Russo, Randall Einhorn, and Ken Kwapis (OUTSOURCED).

Her creative instincts, intuitive decision making skills, and collaborative nature, have earned her respect in the industry from crew and cast alike, including some of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors; George Clooney, Jason Bateman, Matthew McConaughey, Anna Kendrick, Christina Applegate and Melissa McCarthy. Sonia is also known for bringing in all projects on time, on budget, while keeping a high morale on set.

A Syracuse University graduate, Sonia began her career performing Stand-Up comedy in NY. Her first job offer was to write for the TV show THE KIDS IN THE HALL, knowing that was a non-starter for her scientist parents, she pursued her passion in filmmaking and today her jokes are always welcome.

Contact Details:

(310) 963-8211 beachbhalla@gmail.com

Attorney: Darrell D. Miller Fox Rothschild

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