Sumeet Maniar

Sumeet Maniar

I am an influential leader in product and business development in technology — working with leaders in the digital landscape. With a keen sense of urgency and process, I leverage business and product strategy in order to maximize speed to ramp up revenue growth in the market. I have a proven track record for raising capital to achieve critical milestones with experiences in digital health, video games, B2B2C, cloud technologies, payments, SaaS and other emerging technology areas.

Proven performer in driving innovation and innovation and growth

Key Areas
+ Robust experience in apps, SaaS, payments, digital health, UA, AI, and mobile/online games
+ Founded two successful online gaming/mobile companies to $50mm+ rev and 50 mm users
+ Repeatedly used various technologies and solutions in gaming across industries to drive results in B2C, ops, scaling, social interaction/networks
+ Successful position point digital health solution into a platform play

+ Developed, published, and launched 20+ products, including health and 10 games
+ Strong technology and software background; use agile to manage development teams
+ Managed global teams of 200+, drove business development to $24m+
+ Locally based global experience: Korea, SE Asia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Europe, & Australia
+ Significant startup experience; other experience in corporations and management consulting
+ Global high level (Senior exec to C-Suite) business relationships

+ Raised $50mm+ for several startups
+ Built next gen ad platform scaling to 2B ad placements for work
+ Blockchain: both permissioned/less blockchain networks, worked or assisted leading blockchain companies: former exec Gnosis, advised Go Abra, Civic
+ Advisor and investor: Metric.Works (user acquisition), 2 digital health, GrowCredit (payments)
+ Proven ability in iterative market validation to enable faster, more reliable product release

+ Trademarked Free2Play and built first successful micro-transaction free to play gaming company in the West, two subsidiary exits ($200m exit: Visa, publishing – CJ Games), $450m offer for K2
+ Built payment capabilities for several companies, created novel virtual currency payment).
+ Successful business development deals and management with 100+ companies (Fortune 500, Apple, Facebook, Pepsi, gaming, payments, telco, mobile and e-commerce)
+ Chairman and Co-founder Gamiana, a leading gaming payments company in India
+ Leveraged algorithm for item trading for Valve’s Steam and other games, women’s fashion
+ Acquired companies to meet strategic objectives